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Lafour "Honk!" Rehearsals March 2007

We were recently privileged to be able to take photographs of the Lafour Theatre School's rehearsals of the musical "Honk!" by Stiles and Drewe, which was performed at the Wilde Theatre, South Hill Park in Bracknell on 31st March.

Keen not to disturb the rehearsals we avoided using flash and worked at high ISO settings of 1250 and 1600 ASA. Even at these settings it was challenging to freeze motion with high enough shutter speeds. However, some degree of movement blur adds a sense of action especially to the dance images.

Photographs were mounted on display stands prior to the live performances and the audience were invited to place orders for various sized prints. One format that proved popular was a "picture package" of images from the dress rehearsal that included a main picture and description to create a memento of the whole event.

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